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Clay handprint of a newborn baby
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Original Pawprints™

Dear Hedy and Ross,
I just wanted to let you know that the training you provided me with was everything I needed and more to get my business off and running. I had been trying for over five years, with little success, to duplicate the pawprints you made of my children. The training answered all of my questions and gave me tools to put out a great product. it would have taken me years to figure out the technique. Thanks a bunch!

~ Christe Morse

Hedy and Ross’s website and information about their business is truly the real deal! It is exactly what you read and see on their website! They are kind and warm people who provide you with a sense of reassurance that they are with you in beginning your new business adventure! Hedy and Ross are immediately available to answer any questions and provide suggestions/guidance. Their manual and DVD are superb. It is professionally done and provides you with precise information to begin your business and make ceramic handprints! This business has allowed me the freedom to earn extra money and begin a business without the overhead of significant costs that most other businesses have! It’s been wonderful to make these handprints and provide parents with cherished keepsakes/memories of their children! Parents love them! This has been a wonderful small business opportunity for me and my family!
~ Chris

Hedy and Ross,
WOW! We just received our son's “Pawprint” today. Just wanted to say what a beautiful job you did and how much we love it! Thanks so much for taking such great care to make it just right. It's very special to us, as is he. Much thanks…

~ Scott, Amy and Dustin

Dearest Hedy and Ross,
Thank You, Thank You! Your Pawprints are by far the most precious of treasures to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you so much!

~ Rocki

Dear Hedy and Ross,
It is rare indeed to find such gracious professionals in today's society. I am deeply touched and genuinely appreciative of your kindness and sincere effort to make our Pawprints so beautiful for us… and I thank you both. Very truly yours…

~ John

Dear Hedy and Ross,
Thank you so much for the many years of “Pawprints”… They are such a great gift and appreciated by so many. Thank you for the many years of friendship and great service. Warmest Regards…

~ Julie


Full Moon Studio student artwork made during pottery class
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Full Moon: A Studio & Gallery

Dear Hedy and Ross,
Thank you so much for offering these pottery classes-for your time and expertise, for your high standards and encouragement, and for allowing me to continue to have a space. Your classes are the most fun I've allowed/ given myself in nearly 20 years - you'll never know (since I truly can't express) how much you have given me.

~ Jen

Dear Hedy and Ross,
I learned more watching you both do your demonstrations than in a whole course elsewhere. The demonstrations are PRICELESS for me. You are both such fine teachers. Thank you for all you have taught me.

~ Marita

Dear Ross and Hedy,
Tuesday's wouldn't be the same without clay class. I thank you both for helping me see texture, shape, form, and color in a way I had not before.

Dear Ross and Hedy,
I typically am unable to express myself in person so I wanted to work in a medium in which I am more comfortable.  I feel like a light has gone on in my head.  I’ve struggled for over a year with issues that Ross was able to demonstrate to me in just a short time.  I can’t wait to begin putting those techniques into practice.  Secondly, you were both so warm and inviting that I feel as though I’ve know you for years.  It was a good feeling because I’ve been working alone for a long time.  Ross was also very complementary on the things I’ve been doing right which was also a boost to my self-esteem.  I look forward to visiting again hopefully during the week I will be there with my family; June 13-19.  By then I will have had a chance to practice and will have more questions.  Thank you again very much.  It was worth every penny.


pottery teacher hedy giving instruction on handbuilding to student at pottery class at full moon pottery studio located in Morro Bay, California

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