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Original Pawprints - Quality hand and/or foot ceramic impressions of baby, infant, toddler, child, kid or family members
Pawprint Sample Prices - children's hand and foot prints in ceramic clay
Pawprints Training program/workshop to learn to make your own ceramic impressions of babies and children handprints and to own your own business
FAQ Pawprint - ceramic hand and foot prints for children and babies
Full Moon Studio - About Hedy and Ross Hale - clay artists, instructors and creators of Pawprints
Studio and Classes - Night ceramic classes in pottery at Hedy and Ross Hales' Morro Bay studio on California's Central Coast
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Pottery Classes

Sorry, No Classes Due to COVID

Instructor Hedy Hale helping beginning pottery student throwin on the wheel, including slab, coil, pinching, scultping for Raku firing using stoneware high fire clay in morro bay californiaFROM START TO FINISH – WE SUPPLY IT ALL

  • No Experience Necessary.
  • Small Class Size: Limited to 12 Students per Pottery Class
  • 2 Instructors – Each With More Than 30 Years Experience
  • Weekly Demonstrations on a Particular Technique
  • Individual Instruction – Work at Your Own Pace
  • 6-Week Class Sessions
  • No Hidden Costs: Includes Clay, Glazing, and Firings
    Use of our tools, even an apron!


Hedy helping pottery student throw on the potters wheel at full moon studio working on ceramic piece - high fire stoneware clay

Pottery Studio Demonstrations on…

  • Wheel-Throwing & Construction Methods
  • Sculpture Techniques Using Armature
  • Glazing & Firing Techniques

• RAKU •
• High-Fire •
• Stoneware •


Wake up your creative side. Ours is a no-fear factor pottery class. If structure is what you need to unleash your creative side, we are there to guide you and help you find your inner artist. When you leave our studio you will have a real knowledge of how to work in clay.

If you’ve already worked in clay and would like to fine tune what you already know, this is the studio for you.

We work with all skill levels in a friendly class structure where you can learn at your own pace. Call us today, 805.772.2890, to reserve a place in our next session.

Pottery Class Schedule

• Tuesday Night Sessions - 7 pm to 9 pm •
• Wednesday Night Sessions - 7 pm to 9 pm •

Each class session runs one night a week for six weeks.
Please call or email for current class schedule.

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Original Pawprints - Ceramic impressions of childrens hands and foot prints

The Full Moon Studio & Gallery & The Original Pawprints™
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